Achieve Greater Success As A Leader, Team, and Organisation

Customised training and coaching to overcome organisational, personal, and global market challenges

✓ Create and Harness Innovative Solutions

✓ Drive and Manage Change

✓ Lead Effectively Across Cultures

Too many business leaders and organisations around the world are held back from their true potential

Many leaders find themselves struggling against:

- organisational challenges that hold the leader and their team back

- cultural challenges that prevent them from effectively leading teams

- complex global market expansion

- barriers that keep them from reaching their full potential as an innovative leader

Every Leader Can Achieve Greater Success

And Expand Their Influence


Develop the competencies you need to overcome the challenges you face. We utilise a proven step-by-step approach that has served 1000s of leaders and their teams


Consistent results require a road map to move forward and concrete tools to build a plan that integrates powerful leadership techniques leading to lasting results


Identify and implement systemic, impactful changes to add value, make a difference, and optimise performance

We get it – the obstacles and pressures

leaders and teams face can feel limiting and defeating

In our business careers, we noticed that working with highly functional teams and exceptional leaders was rare.

The leadership we saw and the teams we worked with had low levels of trust and authenticity,

lack of efficiency, and more often than not, we found examples of

what deteriorates motivation and engagement.

We knew there had to be a better way.

Our proven approach has helped companies, teams, and leaders worldwide

unlock their true potential and finally achieve their unmet goals and visions.

“It helped me shift from the ‘same rules, the same generic process

around the world’ mentality to being more flexible on local market

needs. I can now say that I am confident in my role and I keep

delivering results globally and locally.”


Our Approach


You will be equipped with the insight, tools, and skills to step into any situation powerfully in order to thrive individually and with your team.



Gather momentum with your team by engaging in training that is exclusively built for your context to activate the potential of your team and your business.


Coaching provides leaders with insightful feedback and tools to develop a courageous mindset that produces behavioral change and positive transformation.

How it Works

  1. Request Your Consultation

    We determine your unique challenges, recognise your strengths, and identify your specific needs and expected outcome.

  1. Receive Your Custom Proposal

    We craft a proposal that details a customised approach with coaching and training programs designed especially for you, your leaders, and your team along with a detailed deliverable and timeline schedule.

  1. Start Your Journey to Success – Unleash the power of your leadership, teams, and business so you can finally realise the profits, impact, and innovation that you have always wanted.

What our Clients are Saying

Tsuha san is a candid Coach, a humbled trainer, a curious and open minded facilitator, with passion for continuous improvement.

I enjoyed his creative support at different stages in my leadership journey and was especially impressed with his highly effective cross-cultural training and coaching program for a new manager relocating to another country.

I highly recommend him as a Coach and Trainer to support managers and executives to lead transformational changes to build robust organizations.

Asako Taniguchi
Director, New Product Development Asia Pacific, Monster Energy Japan

I had the privilege of working with Cornelia. Her dedication and expertise in guiding leaders and businesses is truly remarkable. In the face of complex organizational and personal challenges, Cornelia provided customized coaching that not only addressed my immediate concerns but also paved the way for long-term success. Her insights were instrumental in helping me believe that I can reach my true potential. She brings an optimistic and competent perspective. I wholeheartedly recommend Cornelia. Her passion, knowledge, and commitment make her an invaluable partner.

Susanne Hartmann
Senior Business Development Manager, Delonghi Switzerland

Cornelia is an exceptional leadership coach.

Partnering with her,
you’ll experience bold leadership and success breakthroughs resulting in an even larger vision and accomplishments for yourself, your team and the world.

She’ll also guide you in clearing personal blocks so you’ll achieve your goals faster and with more ease.

I highly recommend working with Cornelia!

Skylar Saint
Owner Summit Words, Chief Marketing Content Writer & Story Brand Guide, USA

Heiwa is an exceptional Coach. He not only explores the topic in-depth but also focuses on moving forward with meaningful actions.I highly recommend Heiwa as a powerful Coach for global leaders working in international environments.

Dr. Suliman Babiker PH.D. CEO
Mohammad Dossary Hospital, Saudi Arabia

Cornelia accompanied me through a personal crisis in 10 sessions. She did this with a lot of empathy and gave me tools through her structured, humorous, positive manner that helped me a lot. It was a great help to me and I am very grateful to have met Cornelia.

Norbert Karg
Sales Manager, NBC Universal, Germany

Cornelia and Heiwa visited our university and excelled in coaching leadership to our Ph.D. students.

Their approach was truly remarkable, fostering leadership skills through self-reflection.

Simon Liu
Associate Professor Tokyo University of Agriculture & Technology, Japan

As part of our company medium-term management program, Cornelia and Heiwa held a leadership training, organized by the European headquarter of Toray Industries Europe GmbH.

Their training and coaching included a self-assessment, and how to address and eliminate toxic behavior in the workplace, to further develop the courage to be the role model as a leader.

It was a very interesting training, with group activities and interaction, which gave new insights and ideas or brought something back to mind which was learned a long time ago. Life is always about learning, but to keep going in the best way possible, it is great to get an outside view on yourself and to get external insights, which gives you the possibility to add or change something in your toolbox.

Cornelia and Heiwa, it was a pleasure and thank you very much for the insightful training.

Christoph Winkler
Area Sales Representative, Toray International Europe, Germany

Throughout my tenure as a business leader and during a transitional period, I had the opportunity to collaborate closely with Cornelia.

Working one-on-one with her was an enriching experience. She played an integral role in assisting me to identify and leverage my strengths, as well as navigate the myriad challenges and pressures inherent in leadership roles.

Cornelia's unwavering dedication and expertise in guiding leaders are truly exceptional.

Cornelia offers tailored coaching that not only addresses immediate issues but also lays the groundwork for sustained success.

Her insights proved invaluable in fostering my confidence to pursue my full potential. Cornelia consistently offers an optimistic and adept perspective, infusing every interaction with passion, knowledge, and commitment.

Sandra Boenninger

Head of Marketing & Communication,
3Q, Germany

Cornelia has been my coach for quite a while, and it's been a game-changer.

Her coaching style, where she actively involved me in the process, has made a huge impact on both my personal life and career.

Her trust in my potential has played a crucial role in guiding me through life changes and achieving success at work.

I highly recommend Cornelia's coaching and training – it's been an essential ingredient for my success.

Plus, she even coached me in Japanese, adding another layer of depth to her expertise.

Cornelia's professionalism is an investment that truly pays off.

Shigeru Yamada
System Test Engineer, EVS Broadcast Equipment, Netherlands

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We guide leaders, teams, and businesses worldwide with customised coaching and

training to overcome organisational, personal, and global market challenges so they

can finally achieve the profit, impact, and innovation that brings success and joy to life.



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